Hopton-on-Sea Parish Council

Welcome to the Hopton-on-Sea Parish Council (HPC) website. Our objective is to keep you up to date with news about the Council. If you are unable to find the information you are seeking please telephone 01502 730768 or e-mail hoptonparishclerk@hotmail.com

HPC is a non-political organisation, representing the third tier of local government.  We meet on the second Monday each month in the Village Hall Complex, Station Road, Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR31 9BE at 7pm. Members of the public are always welcome to attend. A “public forum” takes place during each meeting when residents can ask questions and provide their views on matters affecting them relating to the village. An agenda is produced for each monthly meeting and is displayed on the three notice boards. These are located outside the Village Hall Complex and Health Centre on Station Road, in front of St. Margaret’s Ruins on Coast Road and on Links Road. Further copies are available at each meeting.

What does the Parish Council do?

  • Consult with Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) on planning matters
  • Implement policy and manage resources
  • Maintain financial records
  • Assist Electors with enquiries
  • Consult with various agencies that provide services to the village i.e. highways, street lighting, grass cuting, play areas.
  • Attend meetings to ensure residents’ views are heard
  • Consult with Electors on topical issues
  • Work towards achieving the objectives set out in the 10 year Parish Plan
  • Set up advisory committees (which may include members of the public) to deal with specific issues
  • Produce minutes from each meeting with action points

Parish Plan 2008 – 2018. Projects and Objectives 2019 and beyond

The Parish Plan has now expired.   The Parish Council investigated the possibility of putting together a Neighbourhood Plan in 2017.  However following extensive public consultation there was very little support for this project, leading to a decision not to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan.  A copy of the Parish Plan Final Review, carried out in December 2018 can be found below.  The Parish Council is now looking at projects/objectives for 2019 and beyond and would welcome your suggestions.

Parish Plan Final Review December 2018

Future Vision: We hope you have enjoyed reading the Parish Plan final review. It’s now time to look ahead into 2019 and beyond, and we would like to hear from residents with your thoughts on future projects, objectives and plans for the village. How can the village be improved? What additional services would you like to see?  How can the Parish Council help you?  We look forward to receiving your thoughts and ideas.  Contact us by telephone 01502 730768 (speak to Julie), e-mail hoptonparishclerk@hotmail.com or contact one of the Parish Councillors. Thank you for taking the time to map out the future of Hopton-on-Sea.

Hopton Parish Plan 2008 – 2018 covers

Hopton Parish Plan pages 2 and 3

Hopton Parish Plan pages 4 and 5

Hopton Parish Plan pages 6 and 7